ReefBox Partners

We’re on a mission
to keep divers passionate about the sport, while helping to save our coral reefs. Every month we identify an organization working to clean and protect the worlds reefs and donate a portion of Reef Box proceeds.

 We outplanted more corals in Florida than we ever have before during CORALPALOOZA™.

This year, around 250 divers returned 1,760 corals to the wild!


“Coral Reefs have been around for 50 Million Years. Yet, they all could be gone by the end of this century. Since 1970 the Florida Reef tract has lost almost 97% of its once dominant Staghorn and Elkhorn coral. These species are critically endangered”

The Coral Reef Foundation was founded in response to the wide-spread loss of these dominant coral species on the Florida Tract Reef. Coral Restoration Foundation™ (CRF) is the world’s largest non-profit marine-conservation organization dedicated to restoring coral reefs to a healthy state, in Florida and globally.  Click here to learn more.

The Coral Reef Foundation™ is headquartered in Key Largo, Florida.

 Debris Free Oceans inspires local communities to responsibly manage the life cycle of plastics and waste as part of a global initiative to eradicate marine debris from beaches, reefs, and oceans. To learn more about the March Partner Click Here.

Debris Free Oceans is based in Miami Florida.

The St Croix Leatherback project

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