About Us

We’re on a mission to keep divers passionate about the sport, while helping to save our ocean playground.

ReefBox was founded on the principals of doing good. We are committed to doing our part to save the coral reefs. That’s why a portion of proceeds from every ReefBox shipped is donated directly to an ocean conservation group support their mission.
Meet Our Team

Reef Box is the latest addition to the Living My Bucket List Brand. Living their lives by the motto, “Not all who wander are lost”, Megan and Renee are avid adventurers and entrepreneurs.  Both women are sailors, ski instructors, divers, and ocean activists.  They are excited about Reef Box for its ability to support other divers, and the environment they love.  Stay tuned for boxes with unique gear and additional product lines that support the diversity of the sport of diving & snorkeling and simply all things water. 

Megan Heil

If you like some of the pictures we post, you can thank Megan. Megan is an amateur photographer with a keen eye and fondness for technology & innovation. Megan has 23 years of diving experience and her favorite ocean animal is the turtle.

Renee Heil

If you enjoy your Reef Box because of its commitment to the environment, you and Renee have a lot in common. Renee is always seeking out partnerships that support ocean conservation and protection of our fragile planet. Renee is a novice diver with a passion for our oceans’ apex predators.