Past Boxes
Trident Rescue Cutter


The rescue cutter is excellent for cutting line and monofilament. Has a loop on the back to use for attaching to your BC. Velcro keeps cutter securely in pocket, but one pull and the cutter is out and available! Approximately 6" tall by 2 1/2" wide.

Coral and FIsh Guide

Coral and Fishes Guide

Take this book underwater when you dive or fish. The waterproof, tear-resistant pages contain descriptions and colour illustrations of 260 species of corals and fishes. Edible fish are identified.

Tunaskin Joker

Tunaskin Joker

The Tunaskin Joker UPF 50 is great for keeping your hair back and out of your mask or keeping the sun off your neck when on the boat. Check out more Tunaskin items at

Scuba Diver

ReefBox Set

Each Month Reef Box will deliver to your doorstep 3 – 5 items with over $50 in retail value.

“I bought this as a gift for my husband and he loved it! He’s already asking when the next one is coming.”

Ashley K. – McKeesport, PA