Past Boxes
Changing Mat

Change Mat

Change on the durable polyester mat then use the drawstring system to convert into a wet bag to help shield the wetsuit smell from creeping into the rest of your vehicle.

Big Blue Light Glove

Light Glove

Manufactured with comfortable neoprene with nylon webbing reinforcements and solid plastic mounting plate for added stability, this glove offers two-adjustable palm straps to fit any size hand and offers a sturdy hook and loop strap that secures your light to your hand. Glove provides use of the hand for additional tasks while still keeping light secure and ready for use.

Scuba Mouth PIece with Bridge

Comfort Bite Bridged Mouth Piece

Adding the bridge to the mouth piece reduces bite pressure, increasing comfort and reducing mouth and jaw fatigue

Scuba Hose Clamp

Lanyard with Whistle & Hose Clip

Keep Hoses close to you and within reach with the included clip. Also in this months box is a whistle (can be a back up) with a lanyard.

Scuba Diver

ReefBox Set

Each Month Reef Box will deliver to your doorstep 3 – 5 items with over $50 in retail value.

“I bought this as a gift for my husband and he loved it! He’s already asking when the next one is coming.”

Ashley K. – McKeesport, PA